Kila - Alive - CD

Kila - Alive - CD

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Recorded at different locations around the world, Kíla bring their exciting, raw and emotionally charged music to disc with this live album – Kíla Alive. From the explosive driving beats of the concert favourite An Tiománaí, to the tender brand new love song Babymouse, this album captures Kíla at their majestic best.

The centre-piece of this album is the track featuring Polish chanteuse Kayah – Am Reel. Recorded on the night of the Polska-Éire Festival in Vicar Street, the combination of Kayah’s rich voice along with her backing singer Iwona’s delicate harmonies, add an otherworldly texture to Kíla’s sound.

Joining Kíla for much of the recording is flautist extraordinaire, Alan Doherty from the band Aldoc. Alan is the whistle that played the tune on Lord of the Rings and he brings all his talents to this recording, soaring above the top line and improvising behind the backline!

Kíla are well known for their innovation and their risk taking and this album is no exception. Three of the pieces were getting their first or second airing on stage and you can feel the musicians thinking on their feet, you can almost see them keeping close eyes on each other making sure that the right part is being played. Stand out tracks are Pota Óir – Pot of Gold – because we all know where to find our pots of gold! And Rónán Ó Snodaigh’s much loved song Raise the Road - a complete guide to growing up for any parent.