Globus + A.D.A.M - Unforgiven - New album released 15/03/24


A.D.A.M., the partnership of singer TD Lind and songwriter Danny McGaw, and Globus, the musical identity of award-winning composer/arranger/producer Yoav Goren, architect of the band’s epic music style, launch the “Unforgiven” album and multi-media project.

The project is a stunning western narrative with a widescreen musical treatment themed around a modern outlaw charachter. Throughout the album, songs such as “Ordinary Man” and “The Devil Is Me” depict the human condition of our times: the forgotten and nameless man struggling for identity and meaning in this world. Battling his demons, but with delusions of grandeur, he secretly lusts for power, to turn the tables and lord over his oppressors.